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TellTip is an information app, that provides individuals with valid quick tips on different issues, from business to travel, health to wealth, jobs to skills acquisition, TellTip provides you with all this, just at your fingertips .

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Great Features

Check out the different awesome features of the TellTip App, find out what makes this App so different and unique.

Unlimited Information

Get access to unlimited information from accredited sources that are valid and known world over, at your fingertips.

Target Ads

TellTip offers company's and individuals a platform to meet and showcase their products to target customers.

Find Your Docs

Looking for certain documents on special topics, need more info on particular issues, get this and more when you download the telltip app today.

Calculate Your Coins

TellTip doesn't just provide you with information but also financial growth practices that are known world over, helping you grow your business or start something new.

Great App Views

Clean and Simple view made for easy navigation and access, allowing you get what you want in more or less time.

Take Your Coffee

You can sit and relax while information gets to you in real time, with the telltip app notification, simply subscribe when on the app.

How It Works

Below are a bits of information on how to navigate through the telltip app, without having issues.

How to Install the Telltip App

Here is a step by step direction on how to install the telltip applicationto your android or blackberry smartphone, please not that the telltip app works on only BB10 Operating System & Android 4.0 KitKat to higher versions.

Downloading the App

Click on any tab representing your smartphones appstore, it will redirect you tohe apps profile in the app store, then click on download.

Installing the App

After the app has been the downloaded, your smartphone will automatically do the installation for you, please tick the necessary app permisions.

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Feature Image

How to Login/Register

Below is a step by step information on how to login/register on the telltip app as a user, subscriber, and so on.


While on the telltip app, scroll to the header section of the app, you will see too tabs for both sign in & join us, click on join us this will automatically open the registration tab, fill in the necessary details and await a confirmation mail from us.

Logging In as a User

After registration has been done, a confirmation mail will be sent to your email, go back to the app interface, click n sign in, login with your details as done while registering, you will be logged in as a user/subscriber.

How to Share Telltp Information

Learn how to share telltip app information directly from the app to every social media platform & also to make comments on topics while using the app.

Sharing Information

While using the telltip app you can share any information/topic from the app to any socialmedia platform like , , , just by clicking on the AddThis icon at the bottom of every article.

Making Comments

On the telltip app its quite easy to add your own comment to articles you deem important,you can do this by viewing an article and scrolling to the bottom of the article page, a comment box will suffice, where you can add your comments, questions and additional information.

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How to Logout/Close the App

Below is a step by step instruction on ow tologut of the telltip app and also how to end/close the apps running process on yor smartphone.

Logging Out

To logout of the telltip app as a user, while accessing the app, scroll to the header section of the app click on the sign out/logout button, you will be automatically logged out by the app.

Closing the App

Every smartphone has its traditional way of closing/ending an app running process, for the telltip app its the same for every android or blackberry device.

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Screenshots of The App

A little preview of what you hope to see on the TellTip App.

Clients on TellTip

Tell tips has partnered with diversified businesses that are tailored to serve your growing needs. Click on their logo and check out what more you can learn about our clients.


Here are some faqs about the TellTip App.

How can I install the Tell Tip App?

It is very simple. Our Tell Tip App is presently available for all Android phones and very soon IOS users will be able to download the app as well. Firstly, go to Play Store and search Telltip. Upon discovering the app, click install and voila, you have successfully downloaded Tell Tip.

Is the app available for both IOS and Android devices?

Unfortunately at the moment, our app is not available for IOS devices. However, you can install the telltip application to your android smartphone. Please note that the telltip app works on only Android 4.0 KitKat to higher versions.

How can my business be listed as one of your clients?

All you need to do is contact us and we will sort everything out for you. Our contact details are provided under Contact Us.

Can I subscribe to specific topics of interest?

Tell Tip provides a wide range of information in the area of health, jobs, business, travel, resources, technology, education, and counselling. On our information tips page, we release the most trending news on the topics. Once you subscribe to our page, we will customize your subscription to meet your specified needs.

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